McDonald’s Australia Is Going To Substitute Plastic Cutlery With Wooden Products


McDonald’s Australia has finally joined the fight against environmental degradation. The company’s spokesperson put up a statement declaring that the giant conglomerate would do away with all plastic paraphernalia and use wooden items instead. This will ensure that the planet lives another day.

The initiative was laid out at the National Plastics Summit held in Canberra last month. The event was graced by several important dignitaries, amongst them Sussan Lee- the Environment Minister of Australia.


The company’s sustainability director Kaylie Freeland mentioned, “We’re committed to being an industry leader in sustainable practices, ultimately using our scale for good to positively impact challenges facing the communities we operate in.”

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This extremely conscious effort would see the company heavily reducing its carbon footprint, as they will be reducing the wastage of 860 tonnes of plastic.

Peter Shmigel, the CEO of the Council of Recycling praised the effort by stating that “Hopefully McDonald’s will roll out wooden utensils across the globe in a continued effort to reduce plastic waste.”

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Let’s just put this out there- this strategy if implemented correctly, would be amazing. If more and more companies followed the policy of McDonald’s Australia, we would all have a much cleaner and safer environment. Good for us, great for the planet!

Images: McDonald’s

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