A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed!


Sometimes we get stuck in life and it’s in these times that a friend comes to our rescue. Harper, a dog, is a very efficient “branch manager” but somehow she got stuck with this particularly long branch. This is when Willow- a fellow pup offered help.

A camera captured Harper’s struggle with this long stick in a park. The pup seemed determined on carrying the stick by herself but she was struggling a bit. Willow, as a friend, was glad to help!

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Their coordination was perfect. It’d be no surprise if they look forward to making it their new venture together.

Tanya, their owner said that “Both have determined personalities and are always so proud when they are doing it”. She added, “They carry [the sticks] for about a kilometer around our 5-kilometer park where they need to get through crosswalks and bollards—which they have now perfected.”

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Aren’t these puppies just adorable! The owner said that “Harper gets distracted by people wanting to talk to her,” she added, “But Mum is always there to help her keep moving on.”

If this isn’t the definition of a good friend, we don’t know what is!

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