Grounds And Hounds With A Pinch Of Coffee Will Make Your Day


It’s not every day that you come across a coffee shop with a cause to support the pets. The doors of Grounds & Hounds are open also for your pet. Not only you can enjoy some quality time out together, but you can help some other animals while sipping a cuppa. The coffee shop donates a part of its profit to animal rescue centers across the United States.

The idea is the brainchild of Jordan Karcher, the 32-year-old proud owner of Molly, an adorable 9-year-old Dalmatian. She inspired Karcher to start this coffee shop in 2014 and it is quite a success today. Grounds & Hounds not only encourages pet owners to spend time with their darling sidekicks but also donates 20 percent of the company’s profit for funding various shelters of rescued animals.

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Grounds & Hounds owner

The favorite pick at the joint is its Rescue Roast. The patrons who have tasted the Rescue Roast say it’s awesome. At $14.99 the 12 oz bag contains whole or grounded beans having “a nutty, bitter flavor with subtle sweet notes of caramel and dark chocolate”. The total profit from this particular item goes to some new organization, dedicated to rescuing animals, each year. Pandas Paws Rescue, which rescues animals with special needs or serious medical issues, is the latest recipient in that list, from the middle of April.

Since 2018, when this particular product was introduced, the Grounds & Hounds have raised as much as $45,000 for different organizations. Some such organizations are the Marley’s Mutts Pawsitive Change Prison Program and Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team. They are involved in activities like pairing the rescued dogs with men in imprisonment, saving the rescued animals from being euthanized or opening shelters.

Now the best part is that they have also thought out the ways for not-so-much-coffee-lovers as well. Yes, you need not be a coffee addict to continue supporting them. They are coming up with new products like t-shirts, candles, pet products and much more to fill up their shelves. The new Affogato candle, with a dreamy vanilla fragrance, worth $32.99, has become a real sought after item. Recently they also announced the “Rub Bellies For Good Luck” line, where we can see a Dalmatian holding a four-leaf clover with its mouth.

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The Grounds & Hounds is spreading its paws more and more with the passing of each day. Now they are looking out to help the pet owners, who are relocating to retirement houses or shelters, against domestic violence.

Karcher said, “What we’re thinking about is, ‘How do you really improve that experience of a pet owner?’. And more importantly, ‘How do you ensure that people who love their pets have every opportunity to provide a full life for them, without putting themselves in a position where they’re deciding who gets to eat?’”  

So, urging the coffee and animal lovers alike. Do make a visit at Grounds & Hounds and you never know a puppy may be getting fed today.

Photo: Kelly Alison

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