This Rescue Kitty Named Bowie The Cat Is Simply The Coolest


This little kitten was abandoned in 2018 in Spain. Fortunately he was rescued and a veterinarian’s office took care of him. Life got even better for the sweet and playful kitten when he met Maria Lloret who fell in love with him at first sight. Maria adopted the kitty and named him Bowie, after musical legend David Bowie who had also loved cats.

Maria apparently named him Bowie because of his unique, beautiful eyes of different colors, although David Bowie’s left eye was damaged which resulted in his unique look.

Bowie is a sweet, charming kitty with a lively and spirited personality who loves to play and when mom brings out the camera, he really turns on the charm. Maria started sharing pictures of her darling Bowie online in late 2018 and cat lovers all over the world fell for the charming two-colored eyes.

The two live in Alicante, Spain and when Bowie is a good boy, Maria takes him on adventures.

Maria created a dedicated blog for Bowie in Spanish, with an English translation, where she shares funny pictures and stories of him, and sometimes herself as well.

Maria wants to spread happiness with their pictures and stories and as a supporter of animal adoption hopes Bowie’s story and pictures inspire others to ’adopt don’t shop.’

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