How to Tap Into An Extraordinary Life 90% of People Don’t Even Know Exists

How to Tap Into An Extraordinary Life

Have you ever stopped and thought that the ordinary way of living seems a little too boring?

Doesn’t it seem a little boring just to choose a 9-5 office job right next to where you grew up, and then never set your sights any further?

You’ve immediately cut yourself off from 99% of all life’s opportunities, people, experiences, careers, and much more.

But, I’m glad that you have at least stopped and thought it seemed a little too plain for you. I decided to put this article out there to show you what you’re missing, and how you can start to experience all this for yourself.

Here are some of the most amazing things you’re missing out on living in the ‘norm’:

1. Bonding with People You’d Never Normally Meet

Imagine this: Everyone in your hometown is probably very like yourself, in the way that you were brought up, the basic interests you have, and the general mindset you live by.

This is not always the case, but for the majority of the time we understand this to be fact.

Now, take yourself out of that environment, and into a completely different one; or better yet, picture a life where you’re able to constantly switch your environments.

You’ll come across people who are doing the same, from all different ways of life, and these are people who you’d perhaps never bond with normally.

2. Seeing Life as You’d Never Normally See It

There’s no ONE right way of living. So as much as I’d love to get specific with you here, I can’t. However, you have the ability to experience life in a multitude of ways. All it takes is for you to make a decision.

To book a flight, to apply for a career, to start a business, to say hello to a stranger.

There’s a new, and probably much more exciting life, always waiting around the corner.

You have the ability to tap into these alternate life’s. Don’t think about the rest of the world that’s something outside of your bubble. You want to go to Japan, meet Japanese people, and live like a local? Do it!

As soon as you see life in this free-flowing way, instead of trying to barricade yourself into a corner, that’s when you’re able to tap into extraordinary experiences.

3. Everyday There’s a New Memory That’ll Live on Forever

I’m using this point loosely. You may not always have a new life-long memory every single day. However, imagine that you were constantly making memories that are always going to be vividly remembered inside your mind. That sounds pretty great, right?

New people, new accomplishments, new experiences, new places, you name it…

That’s how I’m currently living. I grew up in the countryside, so this is something that was a lot harder for me to do back home; but now that I’ve adopted the digital nomad lifestyle, achieving this has become unbelievably easy and amazing.

4. Understanding & Living in Multiple Cultures

This is something that has an unbelievable effect on your mind, and your ability to see the world in a new light. If you have the opportunity to experience new cultures, you’ll automatically be enriching your life.

Every single country on this planet has different cultures and different backgrounds. We read about them, we learn about them in school, but very rarely do people experience them for themselves. It’s as if they’re completely cut off from us, at a time when it’s never been easier to connect.

I encourage you to experience what it’s like to place yourself in different cultures around the world.

How to Tap into An Extraordinary Life

Now comes the fun part;

Tapping into this extraordinary life, which again, can be incredibly different depending on who you are and what your desires in life are. Generally, understanding the steps needed to be taken here is very simple. And, putting those steps into action, physically, is very simple.

It’s the mindset you have that decides whether it happens or it doesn’t.

Here are the very simple steps needed to tap into an extraordinary life:

1. Leave Your Fear at the Door

The all important first step to doing anything more than the other 99% of people, is to leave your fear at the door. This is the reason why so many dreams, aspirations, ideas and goals are not accomplished.

People let their fears get the best of them. They don’t start something because they’re afraid they’ll fail. They don’t go somewhere, because they’re afraid they won’t know what to do when they get there.

People are afraid of millions of things; the list is endless!

Forget your fear, because at the end of the day, you won’t be harmed by losing it; the only way is up.

2. Be Relentless in Your Pursuit for More

You’ll need to be aggressive. Have you ever swum in the ocean and felt yourself being sucked in by the current? Then it becomes a struggle to get back out?

This feeling will become all too familiar when you join the pursuit for more!

People will try and drag you back in, tell you that you can’t do things, call you out. Anything they can to get you to stop pursuing more in life.

You have to be relentless. Don’t back down, and don’t give in to other people’s opinions.

3. If You Don’t Know How, Ask & Learn

Biggest thing to remember is that if you’re not sure about something, ask people who already have that knowledge and experience, and they will be able to lead the way for you. If somebody’s already done it, they can be a huge asset in helping you do it also.


Now you know what you’re potentially missing out on in life, and the steps needed to achieve it, are you going to?

Are you living an extra-ordinary life?

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