Abandoned Teen Adopted By Single Dad At The Hospital


Connections are rare and more so if the other person is not even your age. Sometimes you meet a person and cannot imagine a time when they weren’t there, right? Something similar happened to Peter Mutabazi. Tony Mutabazi, a teenager, was abandoned at the hospital by his adoptive parents. The then eleven-year-old boy was confused as ever and heartbroken when no one turned up to take him home.

The foster system is a nightmare for those who experience it. There is no guarantee of a loving home, most kids have to face abuse, and one has to wait endlessly. Tony, however, has a different and interesting story about how he found his forever home. Peter had fostered Tony and felt an intimate connection which he couldn’t ignore. They were poles apart but something clicked. Two years later, Peter adopted Tony.

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At the tender age of four, Tony was adopted for the first time after being in the foster system for two years. According to Jessica, the boy was abandoned by the very people who adopted him when he was 11. Peter has been a foster father for more than two years and one fine day he got a call that changed his life.

He got to know Tony’s tragic condition via that fateful call and was completely shattered. He couldn’t believe people could be so ruthless and abandon a boy who had previously faced the same treatment. Peter did not want to just be a foster parent as that would not solve Tony’s problem in the long run. He decided to adopt Tony and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

What made him connect with Tony? His own traumatic childhood living with his abusive parents. Peter ran away from Uganda as a ten-year-old boy and never looked back. Luckily, he found a parent figure who made sure he went to school. During that time he witnessed the perils of poverty.

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Of all the joys that parenting has brought to my life a hug from my son is at the top of the list. Never take the blessing of love and affection from your children for granted. To our kids it take a while to get that hang and when it comes, we never want to let it go. Son thank you for taking the step of faith and trust 🤗 love you so much! #blackdad #blackdads #fostermoms #transracialadoption #diversity #dadgoals #fosterparents #fostermomlife #teendad #lookingtoadopt #adoptivemom #adoptionpodcast #handsandfeet #waitingkids #hopingtoadopt #fostercare #singledads #solodad #dadtribe #dadlife #dadofinstagram #instakids #parentsofinstagram #father #adoptionislove #nontraditionalfamily

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Later he became a citizen of the US and worked with a nonprofit organization called World Vision United States. The organization helps kids from remote places. Peter tried to heal wounds by fostering kids and making sure they get whatever resources they need. He adopted Tony because he saw his own disturbed childhood in him.

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“That cow may look scared, but I’m the only one scared in this picture. Being a father isn’t just challenging, it’s downright scary. I’m embracing all the emotions while on this Dad journey but sometimes my son can test me in ways I didn’t think were possible. No complaints, just a lot of emotions but always blessed!” Written and edited by my friend @ruraldad, you truly an amazing dad #inthistogether #childhope #childhopeservices #fosterhope #changetheworldforone #walkthewalk #fostercareis #worthit #worldchangers #fosterhome #fosteryouth #lovewhatmatters #fostercareadoption #fostercareawareness #blackdads #blackfathersdoexist #dadsofinstagram #fatherhood #momlife

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The official adoption of Tony took place in the Charlotte courthouse, wrapped in the love of Peter’s friends and family. The adorable duo loves riding bikes, reading books, and playing board games. Peter knew everything about Tony’s mental health troubles and made sure to take care of him in every possible way. He is still open to take in a new foster kid into the family in the near future.

Unconditional love and kindness still exist, isn’t it?

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