Australian Army Use Their Free Shifts To Cuddle Koalas


Being a part of the Australian Army requires you to be a person with integrity, patriotism, and a sense of duty. You need to always be prepared whether to fight enemies, take down bushfires or cuddle koalas.

Yes. After losing so many of the koala bears to the bushfires, the koala population of Australia has become endangered. An estimated one billion of the animal population succumbed to the bushfires. The koalas are considered to have taken the worst hit. There are babies and injured koalas that cannot even feed themselves. So the army-men stepped up and offered to cuddle koalas and feed them when they are not fighting the fire.

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While bushfires were not unheard of in Australia, the ones that started in 2019 became so severe that they are expected to change entire ecosystems. Koalas who are native to Australia and for whom the forests had been their only food source became an international concern.

However, the famous Aussie spirit manifested itself once again. On their Facebook Page, the Australian Army from South Australia and Tasmania Regiment 16 Emergency Support Forces put up pictures of men and women from the force. They were seen coming from fire-fighting to cuddle koalas in their break time.

After finishing a post, and before beginning another one at Adelaide Hills, they stopped at Cleland Wildlife Park, South Australia to cuddle koalas that were traumatized after their harrowing experience. Their caption read: “A great morale boost for our hard-working team in the Adelaide Hills”

Sussan Ley, Minister of Environment expressed concern that the koala population took an extraordinary hit. She also said that about 50 million dollars had been collected to help repopulate the animal strength in Australia. Ley also said that “It may be necessary… to see whether in certain parts of the country, koalas move from where they are, which is often vulnerable, up to endangered.”

But no matter what, because the issue persists, the funding for rehabilitation and medical care for injured animals continues to be a core requirement. Citizens have been advised that if they wish to donate, or work at the centers or provide foster care for the kangaroos and koalas (read cuddle koalas), then they could contact their nearest rehabilitation and rescue centers.

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It is not just about the army going a step further than they need to. This world belongs to all of us. And it is necessary that all of us come together to rebuild it if it is broken. The shards would not be picky about pricking.

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