Love Yourself and Wait for What You Deserve!


You should walk away as you have probably been there multiple times before and you have had to learn the hard way that giving all of you will not mean that you get all of them in return. Nothing you can offer will ever be enough for them and it’s something that has taken you far too long to realize in the past. Over the years you have probably spent too much time attempting to realize where you were going wrong, but you did not notice that the problem hasn’t been with you. The problem was with them.

Remember that when you find the right person you do not have to give too much or force anything before you are ready; and you will not feel like you must surrender to make it work as you do not have to sacrifice living your own life to make somebody else happy.

Regardless of how hard you fight or what you give, in case you are not both willing, it is just a waste of time. You cannot reason with somebody that does not understand compromise or the importance of the opinions of others.

The right person will accept all of you, they’ll listen to your opinions rather than attempting to twist them into their own and they’ll not try to mould you, control you, or make you feel ashamed of a single thing.

You should not question their agenda. You should not try to fix them.

You aren’t responsible for their past, their loss, or their rejection and it isn’t down to you to build them up to be the person that they want to be, it is their job. All you can do is be a good friend, love them, and share memories with them; you can be there for them, you can support them, you can listen to them, but you can’t fix them.

Over the years you have probably lost count of the number of times that you’ve tried to heal them and become broken yourself in the process. You’re probably sorry for the pain they feel and the battles they’re currently facing. You do not want them to misread your kindness or use it as a bandage to cover or heal their wounds.

You have had to learn the hard way but now you probably know how to forgive as well as let go since forgiving does not mean you must hold on. Over time, holding on can simply mess with new opportunities, which are coming for you. Remember that something better is always waiting when you are ready for it. Do not give any part of you unless you find somebody humble enough to meet you halfway.

You must put yourself first and walk away when something is not right. Focus on yourself, rather than attempting to fix them.

You deserve somebody that is real and it does not matter anymore that they were not able to love you. So, simply love yourself and wait for what you deserve.


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