Have You Heard About This Young Girl Who Farms Her Own Food And Constructs Shelters For The Needy?

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While you can consider Hailey Ford to be one of those girls who waste their time away on social media, the truth couldn’t be further from it. This amazing young girl has been farming vegetables and fruits and has also set up 11 shelters for the needy to live in!

The entire humanitarian approach to life started for Hailey when she saw a homeless guy on the road while shopping with her mother. For Hailey, this came as a shock.

As she begged her mother to buy Edward the homeless guy a sandwich, she realized that not everyone was as privileged as herself. This changed her entire perspective on life and the people around her.

After this, Ford had an interaction with a veteran who had an amputated leg.

While she did want to help this man too, her mom explained it to her that they weren’t rich enough to help everyone around them. This is when Hailey decided to start farming for the needy.

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While she did grow her first batch of food successfully, it wasn’t enough to deal with the amount of homeless and needy people. Thankfully, her neighbors chipped in to help this young girl.

Good deeds are never forgotten. And that is what happened as everyone in the vicinity started being good friends with Hailey.

When we think Hailey is satisfied with all the help she’s extending, it didn’t stop there. After donating the food from her small farm to the homeless, Ford realized that these people didn’t have anywhere to sleep properly.

“They can’t sleep on the streets. People need to have a house,” told Ford to her mother.

Her mother knew that it’s impossible for them to provide a house for the homeless, but Ford didn’t agree. She then started her effort to build a proper place for them to sleep and have a good rest at night.

Her noble and lofty intentions led to furniture store Lowe giving her what she needed at a 50% discount. Not just that, her own family chipped in by recycling wood and denim.

Ford is determined to build more cabins in the future and excited to know that the Lowe store will keep on supporting her by providing all the things she will need in the future.

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She also received a donation of feminine supplies from a woman named Katie. Katie wanted to support Ford’s noble gesture and asked the little girl to ask for more supplies if needed.

For Christmas, Hailey received a donation of $3000 which she used to buy gifts for the children living in the cabins.

Whoever said age matters has obviously never met Hailey Ford. This young girl is a selfless human being who will continue to inspire a lot of people over the years.

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