These Bed Sheets Double As Board Games So Sick Kids Lying in Hospitals Have Something To Do


From a young age, Kevin Gatlin found hospitals to be boring and uninteresting and even more so after visiting a friend’s child in hospital several years ago. This visit turned out to be the catalyst for Playtime Edventures, a set of interactive bed sheets featuring dozens of games and lessons for children confined to hospital beds.

Gatlin, an entrepreneur from Charlotte, North Carolina was saddened by children stuck in hospitals spending hours on end in a boring white room. The idea started taking form as he recalled how his wife played games with their son on his bed to help him fall asleep.

Over the next two years, Gatlin developed bedding that could entertain children in the comfort of their bed, working with several school teachers to add an educational element.

“We put together bed sheets and slumber bags that cover everything from geography, math, science, grammar, word find games… all on a three-piece set,” Gatlin told KWES.

Gatlin hopes his interactive bedding will soon make its way into hospitals worldwide. Parents can also buy the interactive sheets for their children to use at home.

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