The Latest Way To Fight Against Hatred: Cat Posters Over Racial Graffiti


The best way to show someone that they can be wrong is not when you take their words and throw it back at them. But why not take their words and use them in a way they did not intend to? Show them what you understand by what they mean. And in Manchester, a man did just that. To show the graffiti makers how pointless he found their motive, he posted cat posters over the graffiti.

In the posters, a cat looks lazy and bored and the caption reads- THERE WAS SOME RACIST RUBBISH HERE. BUT I COVERED IT UP WITH THIS PICTURE OF A CAT. Clearly, he couldn’t take the racism and fascism any more.

These posters were covering Extinction Rebellion posters that were rife with inflammatory messages about race and immigration. The stickers have been traced to an Australian Organisation, Cracks Appearing Distro. But our good Samaritan remains anonymous.

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But this is sadly not the first time such open racism has happened in Europe. Despite its origins, ‘Swastika’ has now become a symbol of intolerance and there are many who are not shy to use it.

But thankfully, there are just as many people out there to turn them into a funny cartoon and destroy their purpose. These signs are not only fascist but also create a sense of insecurity around people. After years of practicing peace and tolerance, are there people still seeking the war?

The Anti- Fascist Groups are selling these stickers for $14. Each pack serves one with 30 stickers. It might not be too expensive for the reward.

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The fight with the intolerance towards immigrants continues. The humanity needs to open its arms to humans. At the end of the day, when we strive for globalization, falling back on such petty reasons for segregation feels like going many steps back.

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