Tantric Numerology: What Do The Figures Say?

Tantric Numerology

It is a unique kind of numerology which was brought to the western world by the ‘Mahan’ (great) Tantric, Yogi Bhajan.  Along with Tantric Numerology, Yogi Bhajan has given the theory of Kundalini to the western world.

In order to reach the higher self, one can master Tantric numerology and attain superior levels of the soul. Although the concepts of Kundalini yoga and Tantric numerology given by Yogi Bhajan are designed from ancient tantric rules, they are easy to learn and follow.

In Yogic numerology, the numbers 1 to10 are considered to be the limit of one’s etheric structures. 11 is the encompassing of whole bodies and it is the master level. Th first eight levels are the Chakras, the eighth being our very own aura as per the Kundalini Yoga.

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Workings Of The Tantric Numerology

Tantric Numerology is simple to derive – a result of one’s birth date. There are various situations which lead to one calculating their Tantric Numbers to know where they belong in the circle of life. Tantric Numerology gives forth the five basic numbers that describe your link with the entire world.

Tantric Numerology

Each number carries a special message behind it. Like a certain number will tell you the hidden talent you have, another will tell you the identity of your soul, and some others will tell you the skills you possess.

Once you realize what number you possess, you can decode the right direction where you should tread.

The Importance Carried Within The Numbers

Each of the Tantric Numbers carries a specific understanding or knowledge which allows our fate to follow a specific destiny.  One will be able to understand who they are and realize the hidden skills that they possess.

You can easily know your weaknesses and strengths when you practice uncovering the messages behind each number. One has to learn to meditate or do yoga in order to engage all the 10 etheric structures and 8 energy Chakras.

How To Interpret Tantric Numerology

In order to analyze Tantric Numerology, one will have to follow a step by step procedure. Start from the number of the soul by doing yoga and meditation. If you do not achieve the soul number, you should go back to Yoga to achieve the first step again.


The next step is indulging in Karma Numerology. The Karma numbers will always tell you the right type of task for you, just like how the soul number helps in connecting your mind with the Chakras. And the way in which the Path number helps one transform. Thus it is essential to use the Chakras in a specific order.

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How Are Other Similar Systems Different From Tantric Numerology?

Tantric Numerology supports Astrology in many ways- both of them make one analyze the world better and shows their essential role in it. Both systems seek a better understanding of self through the metaphysical world transcendental to us.

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