Stay Alone Until You Meat A Person Who Cares About You & Does These 8 Things


It is rare to find real love nowadays. The genuine, raw kind where real emotions are present, a sensation like no other. It’s an incredible event and it will change your life.

This kind of love is worth waiting for without compromise. It’s an emotion that needs to be experienced fully, in all extents, in all realms.

It is only then that we truly start to understand the meaning behind our own existence.

Until this moment comes, know your worth, never allowing yourself to settle for something lesser than what you truly deserve.

1.Choose the person who cannot sand to be apart from you

Find that one person who would never think of leaving you. They want to be beside you on your journey, every single step of the way. The person who truly loves you wouldn’t shy away from spending every waking hour by your side.

2.Choose the person who calls to check in on you

Never settle for someone who doesn’t make the time to see you. Avoid the inconsiderate guy and his childish games, avoiding his real emotions as if they were a monster. Wait for the one who shows you that love truly knows no limits.

3.Choose the person who is unafraid to share their deepest emotions with you

Love is an emotion that needs to be felt in it’s fullest, consuming our soul. It shows us what freedom really entails. If someone can’t even undress their soul in front of you, how will they ever reveal their deepest of secrets and flaws?

4.Choose the person who makes you feel things you’ve never felt before

When true love arrives, you’ll feel it. A burning sensation inside your fragile, beautiful heart. When you feel butterflies in your stomach, your eyes will glisten like never before, that smile, shining brighter than ever. When it’s right, you’ll feel it.

5.Choose the person who can’t imagine life without you

If you experience genuine, unfiltered love, it will leave you feeling like the sea is empty of fish, because they will be the only one you want, and the will definitely feel the same. They would never dream of a world without you in it.

6.Choose the person who loves your flaws

The person who embraces your individuality. They love you with all your flaws and understand that these battle scars make you even more special as you are, never trying to mold you into someone else.

7.Choose the person who is proud to be by your side

Life is short for wasting it on the wrong person, so the person who isn’t afraid to embrace you in all your glory is one of a kind. They cheer for you, celebrating your success.

8.Choose the person hellbent on proving to you that true love still exists

This person will do anything to prove to you that true love is real and will also show you that it is found in the most unusual of places. They will nurture and guard your heart and soul.

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