Amazing moment child is born while still inside Amniotic Sac


Obstetrician Dr Aris Tsigris has recorded the moment he delivered a baby inside an intact amniotic sac. He published the photo of the newborn on his Facebook page after delivering the baby via caesarean section in Amarousion, north of Athens.The amniotic sac is a bag of fluid inside the womb where the unborn baby develops and grows. The sac is filled with clear, pale fluid, in which the unborn baby floats and moves.

The sac had not been punctured, so the baby did not even realize it had been born. The baby behaved as if it was still inside the mother’s womb.

This is an amazing example of how unborn babies act while inside the fluid-filled membrane – the amniotic sac, which cushions, protects, and nourishes them as they grow.

Most of the times the labors start with the amniotic sac rupturing and the amniotic fluid flowing out of the birth canal. This uncharacteristic type of delivery in which the baby is still surrounded by the amniotic membrane is known as an “en caul, or “veiled,” birth.

Cesarean deliveries en caul are actually beneficial for protecting fragile premature babies from pressure trauma in the uterus.

It may seem distressing for a baby to be born surrounded by a watery bubble, Dr. Tsigiris assures that the newborn is at no risk of drowning inside the bare amniotic sac, since the baby is still fed nutrients and oxygen through the umbilical cord of the placenta.

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