Woman Writes Over 20,000 Love Letters To The Unsung Heroes


Back in the year 2016, Natalie Reilly came up with the idea of letter writing almost as a coping mechanism. Her mother was recovering from nineteen rounds of chemotherapy and both of them needed something to soothe their minds. Cancer had taken away every ounce of energy and they were desperate to get it back. They rode on a sudden tide of inspiration and decided to bring back the age-old tradition of writing love letters to unsung heroes. They wanted to share tokens of love with police officers, firefighters, officers of the law – people who dedicate their lives to society.

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Image Source: Nothing But Love Notes

Her mother passed away but she nurtured their dream of spreading unadulterated joy and love to the Bravehearts. These compassionate souls serve the country and their courage keeps every citizen safe. Reilly found strength in her hard times through these love letters. Her mother was her closest friend and her source of inspiration– in her absence, the community that they built together became her family.   

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Nothing But Love Notes has sent out more than 20,000 love letters. Each note is personal and a lot of warmth goes into them. Reilly studied Communication at Arizona State University and always had a flair for writing. She is a hopeless romantic who believes in the magical healing power of words. Reilly is an author and a social entrepreneur on a mission to make the world a better place, one love letter a time. She knows that good karma will bring happiness her way. She is full of gratitude for the little things in life that spark joy and strives to capture them in the letters.

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If you thought this story is straight out of a rom-com then you are in for a big surprise! She found her boyfriend through one of her love letters. A retired police officer fell in love with the token he received and they have been together for a while. Now that is what we call a perfect love story!

Reilly’s letters have spread hope and have reached people in times of sorrow. It is through such small selfless acts that the world becomes brighter and better. Let us not forget to show some love to those who serve society and make our lives easier.

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