Woman Opens Dog Hospice Where She Spends Last Days With Old & Ill Abandoned Dogs


Dogs, do we really deserve them? They love us whole heartily for all of their short lives. Sadly, those lives are not nearly long enough. But we can ensure that their short time with us good, and even more so, stay with them even when they are old and no longer cute little puppies. They never stop loving us, why do so many people stop loving them?

So often we see older or terminally ill pets being abandoned and left to live out their last days without the people, or person, that they spent their whole lives loving. Can you imagine just how confusing that must be for them?

Thankfully, this woman is helping to ensure those pets who were left on their last days, get to spend that time living life happy and being loved. Even if it isn’t by their owners, at least they will leave this earth feeling love and warmth.

The Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice was created by Nicola Coyle, who is a retired nurse. She takes care of dogs who are old and unwanted, or ill and living out their last days. The hospice is run from her home in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. She takes on 2 dogs at a time, to ensure they get her undivided attention.

Nicola uses her own money and that which is donated to her cause, you can help by donating to The Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice Project’s PayPal here or have a look at her Facebook page!

In a Metro interview she says; “We’ll only take them in if the vet says they’ve got less than six months to live, so we’re focusing on end of life care, I think the longest I’ve had one is around one year and the shortest was about two weeks.”

“I don’t know when their birthdays are so we make sure we throw all of them a birthday party, If they’re well enough, we take them for a day at the seaside, they get fish and chips on the beach and ice cream.”

“We all get very attached to them, it’s very emotionally intense and we do mourn and grieve for them. We do need to have breaks between them.”

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