When A Woman Is Done – She’s DONE – And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It


A woman in love is quite vulnerable, she offers her heart and soul to her partner and will often make personal sacrifices to make the relationship work. The man who does not appreciate her efforts and reciprocate walks a tightrope… the time will come when she’ll say ‘’I’m done’’ and nothing he says or does will change her mind.

When a woman realise and accepts that the relationship causes her pain and makes her miserable more often than not, her decision to leave will be final.

It’s never easy to leave someone you love.  That little voice inside may urge her to try a little harder, give you one more chance… but when she’s made the decision to go she won’t look back.

What a man needs to know about a woman’s love:

 A woman will try everything to save a relationship because she invested so much of herself to make it work.  At some point she will realise that a relationship should have 100% commitment from both parties and anything less from you will just not cut it.

A woman may become lonely and emotionally depleted when you are not actively present in your daily lives and there to support her when she needs you to. She will realise that she’ been doing it all herself and don’t need to have you around anyway.

A woman may feel you no longer love her the way she loves you, with the commitment and faithfulness she deserves. No woman wants to be with a man who does not love her equally.

A woman knows her own worth even though she may sometimes forget. Her memory loss will pass and once she’s gone, you’ll realise just how valuable and irreplaceable her love commitment was.

A woman will tell you what she needs and how to love her. If you don’t listen or care enough to understand her she will leave you. You might feel she’s nagging or being too demanding but the time will come when she’ll know and accept you don’t deserve her and she’ll move on with her life without you.

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