Wasp Colony Built A Rainbow Nest Out Of Colored Construction Papers

rainbow nest

Who said only humans could be creative? Give supplies to the wasps and see them get creative! This wasp colony built a rainbow nest using the colored construction papers given to them. The nest looks stunning with all the color and vibrancy!

Mattia Menchetti, a Biology student conducted a fun-filled experiment. The main requirements for this experiment were a swarm of wasps and some colored construction paper. The result of the experiment will blow your mind though!

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Presenting to you a beautifully crafted wasp nest that is rainbow-colored.

rainbow nest

rainbow nest

The European paper wasps use plant stalk and dead wood fibers to make their nests. What’s even more interesting about their nests is that they are water-resistant! How do they do it? No high technology, just their saliva, and the plant pulp make this possible.

Mattia started out by providing the wasps with pieces of yellow construction paper. Later, she supplied them with various other colored papers. The wasps were more than happy to cash in on the opportunity. The paper wasp colony built a rainbow nest for their larvae. The nest is sturdy and is vibrantly colored!

rainbow nest

In North America, paper wasps are most commonly found among all wasps. They make durable homes because several generations of wasps inhabit one nest. Thus, to survive such a long time the nests must be strong. This is made possible by a protein that is found in their saliva. It makes the nests water-proof and is extremely efficient in doing so. In fact, scientists have used the protein to build a biodegradable drone.

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Mattia has studied insects and mammals extensively. He has conducted various studies on them. He has also studied the alien species and their ecology. More about his field of study and work can be found on his website.

Isn’t it amazing how a wasp colony built a rainbow nest using the construction papers? The nest is an absolute work of art and we adore it!

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