The Power Of Belief & How It Shapes Your Reality


Your belief shapes your reality. Belief shapes your perception of the world and the perception shapes your reality. Belief is the building block for your future.

If you are not getting the results you want, focus on developing the belief in yourself to do so. Everyone is human, the only difference that seperates someone is the belief of whether something is possible for them or not. A belief is just a thought, repeated until it has become your truth.

Whether you think you can or you can’t you are right.

Believing in yourself is the 1st step to do anything. Even if you don’t know what you want to do with your life. I believe, if you first focus on that inner confidence and self-belief, you then open yourself up to ideas and opportunities and things will naturally start to fall into place. The belief will be so strong you will see possibilities everywhere without questioning whether they can happen for you or not.

Self-Doubt and lack of not feeling good enough are just thoughts that are the result from past experiences and situations that have led to a limiting belief, this limiting belief holding you back, however, is not the truth, you are destined for amazing things.

A limiting belief can come from a time when you have experienced something bad, for example, if you have faced failure or rejection of some sort that could have knocked your confidence, your mind does everything in its power to protect you from experiencing that pain again. So if you have had that experience once and you try and do it again, you may find yourself literally not being able to do it because your mind thinks it is danger to you and doesn’t want you to deal with this pain again.

Your mind believes whatever you tell it, your mind wants you to have everything you want so it listens to everything you say – but its job is to protect you and doesn’t know the difference between constructive or destructive thoughts. This is why its so important to make sure what you are telling yourself and believing is what you actually want. If you have lots of doubts and resistance towards your dreams, just know you also have the power to change that.

Believing in yourself is so important and you will hear so many of the worlds most successful people state its importance in numerous of books and interviews.

Believing in yourself gives you the ability to express what your heart desires and take action towards your dreams. As our time on earth is limited, it is important to develop the belief so you can step into your purpose and live your true life message whilst you get the opportunity to do so. Isn’t it amazing knowing that you have the power to change your beliefs and re-wire your brain to believe that anything is possible for you?

You have the power to create your reality, through your beliefs.

Every single person has something unique and there is enough room for everyone’s dreams to come true. Everyone has a unique contribution that can add to the world, which is why, lack of self-belief doesn’t affect you as an individual – but in turn the whole world. By you believing in yourself, expressing your story you affect someone else and it is a ripple effect.

“You don’t need to know how things will happen. The how comes after. The how comes to those who believe.” – Napolean Hill

Every thought and desire is worth listening to, if something excites you or inspires you, take the risk. When you believe it is possible to you, it will happen because you enter a path of least resistance to what you are dreaming of and you allow things to flow to you and each small step will lead to more and more clarity.

“The Universal Law is impartial. It will give you anything you believe. It will through you garbage or roses depending on the energy you put out.” – Stuart Wilde.

How do you know if you are believing?

By how it feels and your emotion towards it. When you are thinking about yourself or your dreams and desires, do you trust it will come or do you feel doubt or worry?

How do you believe in yourself?

When you believe in yourself, ideas, opportunities, possibilities will start to pour into your life.

You can train your mind to believe in yourself by removing limiting doubts, changing how you speak, surrounding yourself with inspiring messages and repeating certain principles that make an imprint on the subconscious mind. This is how you shift your thought pattern and focus to believe and realizing the doubts and fears you have in your mind do not have to be a reality and that you have the power to simply change this any time any negative thoughts or feelings arise.

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  • You are ENOUGH, right now, already.
  • You are here for a reason.
  • By you believing in yourself, you make the world a better place, you give hope to other people,
  • Your dreams and desires/interests are not random, they have been given to you because its possible for you to make them into a reality.
  • Someone out there needs what you know or what you can do, but if you don’t put yourself out there they won’t be able to find you!
  • You can’t control or determine outside circumstances but you can control that inner belief that gives you the strength to push through when things get tough!

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Written by: Christina Andrea Blunsum 

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