This Wildlife Photographer Wants To Share His Love For Tigers With The World With His Magnificent Photographs

love for tigers

Tigers are one of those majestic beasts that we are slowly losing. Tigers have been endangered for a long time, and many countries are trying their best to preserve tigers. One of the places where tigers are extremely prevalent is in India. While the tiger population in India was also coming down, recently, their preservation tactics have shown a lot of promise. There was a marked increase in the tiger population announced recently which put hope back in the hearts of the people worldwide. Nitish Madan is one such person. He has a love for tigers and this wildlife photographer wants to document the rise in the tiger population in his lens.

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When speaking about his love for tigers, he said: “When I see one, I just can’t take my eyes off it. They ooze power and magnetism and are breathtaking to see in the wild. They inspire a sense of fearlessness and majesty. They are so focused and unstoppable.”

He has clicked some amazing shots in the Ranthambore National Park present in India and they are magnificent. The tigers present in his frame are majestic, intimidating as well as playful. They are in their natural setting, protected.

When he was recalling the moments of his wonderful photographic journey and his love for tigers, Nitish remembered one special incident: “One of Arrow’s girl walking in front of Padam Lake this morning in magical Ranthambore National Park. It was freezing cold, full of fog and mist and I couldn’t feel my fingers, glad that I was able to press the shutter on my camera. It was such a special moment, one that I have been waiting for, for as long as I can remember, finally nature has blessed me with this. I am ever so grateful. For me, this image has captured the heart and soul of Ranthambore.”

There is a majestic effect that tigers bring with them. And that is what Nitish wants to bring out for others. According to him, he wishes to make others aware of the magnificence of tigers.

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Nitish knows that the tiger population is declining all over the world. He wants to make a difference. He considers himself privileged to have experienced the magnificence of a tiger.

love for tigers love for tigers love for tigers

love for tigers love for tigers love for tigers
love for tigers love for tigers love for tigers

Maybe, if we preserve them well and share the same love for tigers, we might have a similar experience too.

Credit: Nitish Madan| Facebook | Instagram

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