This unlikely friendship between a dog and a duck will melt your heart


Every now and then we see stories about abnormal animal friendships. And, while many of them are actually more about increasing their chance of survival, some are genuine friendships – just like this one.

Max the Huskey was adopted at the age of 5 by Kirsten and Patrick Riley who lives in Minnesota. He and their other husky, Sasha, were fast friends. Sadly, Sasha passed away and Max was rather lonely.

Enter Quakers the duck – Max loved him almost instantly. Patrick says that he would sit at his pen all the time and that the unlikely pair bonded in that time, after letting Quakers out for the fist time, the pair were inseparable.

Kirsten said that they often hang out along Highway 28 and people stop their cars to get a better look at the odd couple.

“They sleep together, they eat together, they drink together, they go for walks together. Everything is together. Everything is as one.”

The town they live in, Strout, is a small place, so the duo has obviously got everyone’s attention. Neighbor Alisa Godejahn says: “Sometimes on my way home, I really trust they’re out so they can make my day better. We see people stopping over to watch them every day. The traffic gets blocked over there because people taking lots of pictures with them.”

Check out the adorable, unlikely couple of friends in the video bellow, we are sure it will brighten up your day!

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