This Stuck Puppy Was Rescued By Animal Rescuers From The Metal Rim Cage Of A Tire

Stuck puppy

All of us love puppies. Well, we love all kinds of pets – dogs are a favorite. But cute puppies take a special spot in all our hearts. However, puppies are not only cute but they are also notorious. They go from one place to another is breakneck speeds and sometimes stealthily and it becomes difficult to keep a track of their mischievousness. You don’t know when you might suddenly come across your neighbor telling you how your puppy went and damaged their newly-planted chrysanthemums. But out of all the mischief, nothing is worse than a puppy that gets stuck and whines for a savior.

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In California, such a stuck puppy required immediate rescue. The puppy had somehow gotten her head stuck in the spare car tire – just in the metal rim. And now, she couldn’t get herself free from it. Animal safety officers and firefighters were brought from outside to help rescue the puppy. It was just 3 months old. A cute Australian cattle dog. 

When Riverside County Animal Services received the call in Coachella in California, they immediately went out of the way to rescue the stuck puppy. When they reached the scene they saw that the stuck puppy was really in a fix. Her neck has swollen terribly due to the repeated attempts that she might have taken to free herself. The first attempt of the rescuers was to lubricate the rim with oil as well as her neck and then, try to slide the neck due to the reduced friction. But that did not work. The neck was too swollen for this method.

So, the animal rescue team decided to transport the stuck puppy to the Veterinary Services Division of the Coachella Valley Animal Campus. She was really distressed. They had to put a sedative to calm the puppy down. 

The firefighters then used a Sawzall to cut a hole through the metal. They took a long time to make the hole, careful enough to not harm the stuck puppy in any way. After some time, they were able to bring the puppy out of the traumatic prison.

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An animal care technician, David Hough, says: “It was so worrying to me. I was trying to imagine how the heck she got put in that position and you just got to remember that puppies will be puppies. Just curiosity. There was probably food on the other side of it or something, she just crammed her head right through.”

Well, a video was recorded and the distressed of the stuck puppy is shown in real. Along with that, the rescuers’ attempt and final success is also documented. All in all, the video is really inspiring. It has gotten over 33,000 views by now.

Image: Riverside County Animal Services

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