This Interstellar restaurant Inspired By Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar Will Take You To Space!


Name a popular director whose movies really make you think, and reshape the way you look at reality? 

Well, most of you might have one common director in your mind – Christopher Nolan. From psychology to time theory and the working of dreams, this director has captured the hearts of people all over the world. He is a master behind the camera, and whenever he teams up with Hans Zimmer, he creates what can only be termed as ‘cinematic magic’.

One of Nolan’s masterpieces must be his sci-fi movie, Interstellar. The movie throws you in the middle of space and uniquely deciphers physics, space-time continuum, the laws of cosmos, and so much more. If there were a few people who weren’t fans of Nolan yet, Interstellar has made them into a Christopher Nolan fan.


And now, a restaurant in Mexico City is trying to fire up this love for Interstellar with the Interstellar Restaurant. The universe is unknown and awe-inspiring. Only a piece of this awe-inspiring universe was captured by Christopher Nolan in his film, Interstellar. The Interstellar restaurant, clearly inspired by the movie, has decorated the walls and ceiling with brilliant LED lights. 

Entering the restaurant feels like you have entered space with all the stars shining above you.

The LED lights have been put against a black backdrop. Even the floors are black making it look just like space. It makes you really feel like you are in a starry wonderland. The seating has been planned meticulously too. The tables act like mirrors that reflect the stars above and are placed in such a way that it creates a never-ending starry illusion.

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Three firms took the role of designing this hotel: Pin StudioAlmazán y Arquitectos Asociados, and Pin Studio. The theme is almost going into a brand new otherworldly place like the Interstellar scene, and it is something that they are still working on. There are bookshelves too and the texts are seemingly floating in the air as if the zero-gravity space is at work.

The Interstellar design was part of an annual gastronomic festival, Millesime Mexico 2019.

Perhaps, this is the kind of place we can happily be locked down in!

Credit: Jaime Navarro

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