This Duo’s Spellbinding Photographs Will Transport You To A Land Of Fairytales


Travelers and couple Victoria Yore and TJ Drysdale have spent the last few years documenting their travels around the world in spellbinding photographs. Rather, they are living their own fairytale! The project Follow Me Away has captured the couple’s adventures in multiple locations. Oregon, Iceland, Peru, and throughout Europe, their photographs are of epic proportions. Victoria models in gowns and capes against untouched moors, cliff tops, and raging waterfalls!

spellbinding photographs

spellbinding photographs

The impact of seeing a single person with such vast and beautiful geography in the background is breathtaking. There is a sense of adventure these photos manage to capture, with Victoria standing in abandoned buildings, at the base of towering waterfalls, and hiking across sand domes. Images like the one with Victoria in a red cape entering a cottage in an otherwise empty meadow easily hark back to Grimm’s “Little Red Riding Hood”. But the sense of drama in these spellbinding photographs also intuitively reminds you of epics from the Middle Ages.

spellbinding photographs

spellbinding photographs

The two started this project only white one outfit–a white dress. But with time, to add flair to their work, they’ve added appropriate pieces to their wardrobe. Their latest additions are capes in five different colors–grey, navy blue, yellow, red, and dark green. People pack the usual jeans and jackets for their trips. But these two make a conscious effort to select pieces that successfully convey the air of mystery they need in their photographs.

spellbinding photographsspellbinding photographs

spellbinding photographs

The travel bug had always bitten these two hard. But Drysdale and Yore have decided to slow down, prioritizing quality over quantity for Follow Me Away. This year, they have already taken two trips, with Italy and Paris on the books.

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The duo is doing something that nobody else is doing in travel photography. With their spellbinding photographs, they have the ability to transport you not just to the place itself but to a different era!

spellbinding photographs spellbinding photographs

spellbinding photographsspellbinding photographsspellbinding photographs

You can find more about this project: Facebook | Instagram

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