This Collapsible Metal Straw Can Be One Of The Best Alternatives To Single-Use Plastic Straws

alternative to single-use plastic straws

Our earth needs our help. While it sustains us, humans have only given in return their refuse to the earth. Single-use plastic straws are slowly destroying the world. This small tool that we use to slurp our drinks can be really handy and convenient. But there is no denying that it is ending up in landfills or oceans and significantly altering the entire landscape of our world. Plastic pollution is challenging all of our pre-conceived beliefs. Now, plastic is not an all-convenient, amazing material – it’s an evil which is becoming more and more difficult to tackle or replace. Alternatives to single-use plastic straws are hard to come by.

It’s not like there haven’t been any alternatives to single-use plastic straws. Previously, paper straws had been used to counter the problem of plastic straws. Paper straws are still used. But the problem is that paper straws tend to get moist and break easily. Many companies have also tried to use metal straws. But metal straws tend to lend a metallic taste to the substance and hence, are not preferred. So, it’s clear – finding alternatives to single-use plastic straws is an uphill task.

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However, a company is trying to make a mark in this area. A few innovators have developed a special reusable straw called the Penna Straw. It is collapsible and self-cleaning. If this flies well in the market, you can save hundreds and thousands of disposable straws which would have ended up in a landfill somewhere. So, using it can help the environment on a monthly basis.

alternative to single-use plastic strawsThe Penna Straw is a straw that consists of 4 stainless steel segments, all separate but which can attach with each other due to the magnets present in them. It will form a complete straw so that you can enjoy your favorite drink without a problem. Now, when you need to clean, you can just dismantle the product and place them in a carrying case. The carrying case has separate brushes for each segment and will clean it up easily.

You can then fill the carrying case with water using a small hole. The user can block the hole with their finger and shake the case. The water does its job of cleaning up the straw. And then, you can throw the water away using the same hole.

Doesn’t the cleaning sound really great? Well, to add the cherry on the cake, the case has a UV light system too which can sterilize around 99% of the leftover bacteria. 

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The straw is the product of a tech company called Elretron. It is based in California and they have been developing this straw from last year. Recently, they launched a Kickstarter to fund the program. Once the crowdfunding of this seemingly one of the best alternatives to single-use plastic straws was published, it crossed its original goal and has accumulated a surplus of 17,000 dollars for manufacturing purposes.

April 2020 has been decided to be the month when the first Penna Straws will be delivered. Hopefully, more will be coming in soon. Single-use plastic is slowly destroying the world and we must all do our bit to save our beautiful planet.

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