This Artist Pushes Embroidery To Its Limits, Making It Look Like Paint


Self-taught and talented embroidery artist Vera Shimunia from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, creates exquisite miniature landscapes, drawing the viewer right into a vibrant wonderland of color and texture.

Shimunia seems to instinctively choose the perfect colors and stitches to capture the beauty and moods of nature, creating meadows filled with flowers and grasses, valleys and mountains, fields and rivers, all alive with color, texture and skies, magnificent skies. From sunrise and sunsets, whimsical or stormy clouds, approaching storms and wild winds…

In 2015, about six months from when she first took up her needle and thread, she posted images of her work on Instagram. “I started to publish my embroidery experiments in Instagram and people start to write me, ‘can I buy it?’ And I thought – why not.”

Her intricate work can take from three days to a month to complete. She explains, “I am thinking about future embroidery, I am preparing the necessary materials. Sometimes the picture in my head does not coincide with what I made, then I cut off treads and try again.”

You may have to be patient to get your hands on one of Shimunia’s ‘’Little pieces of art made with great love’’ which you’ll find at her Etsy shop. If the shop is empty, Shimunia is mostly likely busy creating new art.

More Info: Instagram | Etsy  | Shimunia

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