12 Things to Start Doing If You Want to Be Happier!


Scientific research shows that everyone is born with an innate level of happiness, meaning that some people are born “happier” than others.

Everyone has a “happiness set point,” and moves away from it slightly.

But, there’re scientifically proven ways to make you happier.

12 Things to Start Doing If You Want to Be Happier:

– Be present 

Living in the past or future can make you unhappy. But, if you live in the present moment, you will be happier. 

– Love yourself

When you think poorly of yourself or your actions, you are actually committing a disservice. So, learn to love yourself for who you are and accept the way you act. Accept where you are in your life and try your best to become a better version of yourself. 

– Do not worry about what other people think of you

You are taken out of the present moment whenever you worry about what other people think of you. Also, worrying about what other people think of you is fruitless. That’s why you should do what you love, no matter how other people see those actions.

– Foster forgiveness

Nursing grievances and holding a grudge can have a negative impact on both your mental and physical health. But, you can curtail those feelings by fostering forgiveness. It can decrease the power of bad events to create resentment and bitterness, and make you happier. 

– Be more grateful

If you don’t actively practice gratitude, you won’t be able to experience joy. But, by engaging in a regular gratitude practice, you will improve your sleep quality, and feel much happier. Practicing gratitude can boost your happiness. You should remember how lucky you are and reflect on the positives of life. 

– Get enough sleep

It goes without saying that sleep plays a role in your happiness. Lack of sleep affects the hippocampus that plays a role in processing neutral or positive memories. This means that if you are sleep deprived, you won’t be able to recall pleasant memories. 

– Help others  

When you help others you feel happy. There seems to be a link between overall well-being and giving your money, time and other resources to others. It is important to understand that giving is a potent pathway to long-lasting happiness and personal growth.

– Spend more time outside

Spending time outside can make you feel better. Spending time in places you love and enjoying nature can help you become more present and relax. Even though you are busy, you should incorporate the outdoors into your daily routine.

For example, read in your backyard rather than on your sofa, or walk around a park to catch up with a friend rather than getting coffee.

– Have more experiences

Experiences have a stronger impact on happiness than material possessions. The good news is that it does not have to be expensive vacations. Instead, push yourself to try new things and go make memories with your loved ones. 

– Push yourself

There’s probably a deep level of satisfaction whenever you challenge yourself. Just remember one of the most challenging things you’ve done and how you felt afterward. We aren’t trying to say that you should do something unhealthy or crazy for the sake of doing it.

Instead, push yourself in the activities that you enjoy.

– Practice meditation on a regular basis

Meditation enables you to tune into a consciousness that’s not always possible when you live in a mindless state. When you meditate, you are able to think more logically, rationally, and from many different perspectives.

Meditation also helps you cool down and communicate better in your relationships. If you have better communication in your relationships, you will be happier. So, take a deep breath and practice meditation! 

– Embrace adversity

Embracing adversity in your life can help you deal more effectively with future and current stressors, increase your resilience, shape and reinforce your identity, make you more optimistic about the future, and boost your happiness.

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