These Men Created Cactus Leather To Protect Animals And The Environment

cactus 'leather'

The leather industry is one of the most successful industries, it is an $80 billion industry. But leather-making requires a lot of toxic chemicals and animal products thus making it problematic. Both the environmentalists and activists for animal rights, oppose it. Recently, 2 Mexican entrepreneurs created cactus leather that is both eco-friendly and feels like the real deal!

cactus 'leather'

Marte Cázarez and Adrián López Velarde have come with an innovative method of making vegan leather using cactus plants. They look utterly realistic as if made from real leather! They have named their product Desserto, which is made of cacti from Zacatecas’ plantation. These cacti have a very thick and rugged skin. This gives it a real leather-like feel and look.

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López Velarde said, “The idea of using this raw material was conceived because this plant does not need any water to grow, and there is plenty of it throughout the Mexican Republic. Also, symbolically, it represents all of us Mexicans and everybody knows it”.

He added, “Besides, to be able to incorporate this material into various industries, it is essential to count on a stable, abundant supply of raw material. We currently have 2 hectares where we cultivate nopals, as well as an expansion capacity of 40 hectares. Regarding production capacity, we have 500,000 linear meters a month.”

desserto- cactus leather

The method to make it is pretty simple. It starts with cutting the mature leaves from the organic cactus plants. Then they go through cleaning after which they are mashed. This mash is left in the sunlight for 3 days before processing. The dying process is also natural that Adriano Di Marti has developed. This certified vegan cactus leather can be used for up to 10 years!

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Another good news is that the price of this faux leather is similar to the real leather. Desserto has created shoes, apparel, handbags, and car seats as of now. Bring organic, the products are all breathable. Also, it’s good for the environment since it is semi-biodegradable, unlike the synthetic ones.

cactus leather products

Adriano Di Marti made its debut in 2019 by launching the products at Lineapple- international level fair for leather manufacturers. People loved it from the very start due to the material’s soft feel, durability, and color. Right now the company is looking forward to joining hands with major manufacturers to supply their products to small & medium businesses.

Cactus leather is a genuine alternative for real leather and it is safe for both animals and the environment!

Images: Desserto

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