The Four Elements of True Love According to Buddha


The feeling of true love is not enough to last a lifetime. It takes strengthening and according to Buddha, there are four elements that ensure everlasting love.


Maitri translates to kindness – something we should all possess . You need to know how to love, because even the truest of intentions aren’t enough if you aren’t loving someone right. Observation and understanding of your partner on a deeper level will strengthen your love.


Pay attention to your partner and make a concerted effort to truly understand them, listen and notice everything.


Karuna means compassion. Compassion is to feel their pain and share the hurt.


Communicate openly with your partner, nobody can soothe and support your partner like you could, so help them hurt less.


Mudita translates to happiness. Your love should be a source of happiness to your partner. If your love is not making both of you happy, it’s not the truest form of love. Happiness brings the heart closer and fulfills your life, because love should feel like nothing else you have ever felt before.


Enjoy the things you individually love doing together. Contrary to popular belief, happiness comes from the little things.


The last element of love, Upeksha translates to freedom. Remember that even in a relationship, one needs individual freedom. Accept each-other for your unapologetic selves.


Find comfort in each other’s company, but also allow them the freedom to just be who they are.

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