Text For Humanity Encourages People To Send Caring Messages To Complete Strangers Via Texts

Texts for Humanity

Even with the introduction of social media, we are lonely. We might have many followers online, but we are essentially extremely lonely. This brings us to Text for Humanity- an app that encourages people to send encouraging and kind text messages to strangers and receive the same. This communication switchboard is the first of its kind. It’s created by Sinch, a company dedicated to cloud communications. They have also partnered with Mental Health America, all in an effort to relieve people from isolation.

Even when we are surrounded by people, we still browse through our phones. Ironically our phones are perpetrating this aura of isolation amongst us. With our phones in tow, we aren’t exactly letting go of our self-imposed social isolation. This is precisely what Text for Humanity hopes to fight against.

Text for Humanity

Image: Text for Humanity

According to Jonathan Bean, the CMO of Sinch- “Today, nothing is as personal and emotional to us as our phones. But although we use them 24/7 to communicate, we seem to feel lonelier, not happier. At Sinch, we believe mobile communication is the solution, not the problem. So what if people could start to get unconditional love from the phones we love unconditionally?”

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The advantages of Text For Humanity really make it an important feature for most cell phones. No one knows what someone 6000 km away from us might be feeling. We have no idea if our messages would actually reach them. But if more and more people go ahead and get involved in this project, someone’s kind message will definitely go across the pond. And that is the need of the hour. To be as encouraging as possible to any human being you find around you.

To connect, all one needs to do is text ‘Join’ to their country’s designated number.

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The process is simple- first, you have to put in your details- your name and your country. Then you can put in a message of about 160 characters long. You have no idea where this message is going, and neither do you know whose message you are receiving. This chain of sending and receiving is what could probably build a strong foundation amongst people beyond borders and regions.

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A single user is permitted to send 5 texts and receive 5 a day. Since its inception, there have been more than 7000 texts exchanged every single day. Paul Gionfriddo of Mental Health American mentioned- “We know there is a lot of negativity online these days—and by taking a minute to deliver a simple, positive message to someone who may need it, each of us can help brighten someone’s day and lift up their overall mental well-being.”

So why don’t you do your part in this noble scheme and download Text For Humanity?

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