Sleep In These Jungle Bubbles And Wake Up To Beautiful View Of Elephants

jungle bubbles

Thailand’s Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and Resort is offering you an excellent view of elephants through their Jungle Bubbles. Now you can literally sleep in the lap of nature. The jungle sounds will lull you to sleep and chirping of birds will wake you up. The first sight after you wake up will be that of strolling elephants!

There are sixty elephants presently living in the forest. All of them were rescued from various cities of Thailand where people used to make them work. Finally, they’ve got freedom from the drudgery and troubles we humans gave them. Many of them were abused by their masters. Now, they roam freely in the jungle.


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The Jungle Bubbles are 236 sq. foot in size each with a base made of wooden decks. A high technology polyester material is used to make them and they’re air-conditioned. Each bubble encloses a master bedroom having a king-size bed and a living room. Don’t worry, the bathroom walls are opaque! That is not all, it also has a dinner basket and a private bar. Round-the-clock room service is also provided.

The Cluster Director for Anantara, Etienne De Villiers said that their ‘Walking With Giants’ tour is loved by the visitors.

“Championing the natural joy of daily free-roaming time, accompanied by the mahouts and either a vet or biologist, the activity offers insights from scientific experts about how these intelligent creatures think and behave. Guests can observe the elephants’ social interaction in their native habitat. The fun of either a river bath or mud playtime demonstrates just how cheeky these graceful animals can be.”

According to Villiers, the founder of Anantara was moved by the plight of elephants. They wanted to give them a better life and hence started the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation. The foundation also takes care of the mahout families.

The Cluster Director added:

“Since then we have operated a rescue rental system that gives entire traditional mahout families a sustainable income from an elephant that is already living with them—this ensures that they will not source, through breeding or wild capture, another elephant to continue their traditional way of life.”

The Elephant Camp is house to 22 of the 60 rescued elephants. The families of mahouts receive lessons in the English language. Their children are also provided with education. They also get the full profit from sales of traditional silk garments.

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Dr. Patrapol Maneeorn is a veterinarian with the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation. He said that the country is striving to rescue animals and save them from animal cruelty. They’re collaborating with various organizations for this.

The costs for living in one of the bubbles starts from 17,700 Thai Baht (about USD 585).

The idea of Jungle Bubbles is a great one to ensure the safety of elephants and raising funds at the same time. Let’s hope more such businesses will take such initiatives!

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