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Are you one of the few people who still believe that words have the power to change the world? Do you feel ecstatic when you receive love letters among the neverending printed bills and promotional junk? Are you the kind that manages to write something for your best friend using paper and pen in the world of WhatsApp messages and emails? Well, think about this: you open your mailbox to find a handwritten letter just for you? Won’t it make you feel special?

The More Love Letters movement was the brainchild of Hannah Brencher. Her twenties were a period of great chaos and the movement was her creation that stemmed from it. Right after her college life came to an end, Hannah sunk into the depths of depression in the fast-moving city of New York. she did not to how to bring herself out of that dark zone with thoughts that were making her sink deeper into the pit. She could not find any hope.

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After struggling with her mental health for quite some time, she decided to write letters od encouragement, warmth, and hope- things that she desired the most. She would call these love letters and leave them all around the city at random places. She would drop the love letters on buses, pockets of clothes at a mall, the library, a coffee shop – hoping that it would be found by a stranger who needs it. Hannah found a purpose that made her days a little better.

love letters

One fine day, she asked strangers on her blog if they’d like someone to write love letters to them. That question opened the floodgates for hundreds of heartbreaking tales. She then spent a whole year writing love letters to people around the globe. The overwhelming response made her give this More Love Letters movement the form of a website-based organization. She hosted letter-writing campaigns and spread encouraging letters. 

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Someone can request for letters on behalf of a person they are acquainted with, the website posts a number of these requests online every week. The visitors can then reply to any of these requests with letters within the deadline. The submitted letters are then collected and delivered to the recipient as a surprise. More Love Letters has built a community of 42,000 people on Facebook and has sent out more than 250,000 letters since 2011. 

More Love Letters is completely anonymous and the submissions have no personal contact information. Hannah believes in the magic of a brief moment of love rather than the expectation of a prolonged association. Her main aim is to make a stranger in need to feel loved and valued. To her, letters are therapeutic and can make someone feel less lonely.

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