She Is A Successful Model At 8: And This Sweet Angel Has Down Syndrome


Many consider them a burden to society and immediately associate an inability with such people. But people who carry the weight of any disability have to fight battles others know nothing about. They have every reason to quit but never do. Grace Isabella Wharton at 8 is one such lady who has become a successful model and defied the expectations of society. She has proved that she is not someone with special needs. She has Down Syndrome but is also a successful model at 8.

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When we learn to focus on someone’s beauty, ability, and uniqueness, we forget that they even have a disability. Those faces are always smiling and filled with tenderness and kindness, never capable of malice. Grace has that infectious smile that can instantly cheer up all around her.

Grace has a modeling contract under her belt with the modeling agency, Zebedee Management. the agency has over 300 clients with various disabilities.

We as a society can play a role by giving the affected individuals more understanding and acceptance. Kids with Down Syndrome are quite affectionate and guileless. All they need is encouragement and affection in return. Accept them as normal, but born different. It is a condition, not a disease.


Grace has shown that she has an independent mind of her own and can make her own decisions. This has strengthened her self-esteem and has given her a sense of security. This confidence should be promoted in a child with Down Syndrome. And Grace has proved that they can perform under pressure too. Modeling is no easy job. Grace’s ability to tolerate this high-intensity profession is commendable.

wonderkid wth down syndrome

Life has given children with Down Syndrome an extra chromosome. She has weak muscle tone and that makes it difficult for her to speak. For a child, she has gone through much, including several major surgeries. Her father John is proud that his beloved Grace has always come through all that she had to face. She is their little fighter.

Her mother says that it is important that we all focus on her as a person who will always be their lovely daughter. But it has also given Grace an extra sweet personality, an easy-going disposition. They are a joy to be around and Grace is no exception.

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Ever since she was signed, Grace has modeled with CBeebies, BBC, and Disney. Her amazing career took off when her mother took Grace to a photoshoot for people with disabilities. It is refreshing that she is part of ad campaigns that focus on her talent and not her disability.

Being successful in this energetic world of modeling, Grace Isabella Wharton has proved that people with Down Syndrome can succeed in the normal world. Making them a part of everyday life situations is very much the need of the hour. They need support but they are always capable of enjoying a full and wholesome life and can contribute to a society which has given them so much.

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