Photographer Travels Around The World To Capture The Incredible Beauty Of Red Hair


Contrary to popular belief, not all redheads are Irish or Scottish. Fact is, you’ll find them in just about every country in the world, even the fantasy world!  Which is why American photographer Brian Dowling, now based in Berlin, Germany, photographed over 130 redheads from 20 different countries for his ‘’Redhead Beauty’’ project.

Redhead facts: Red hair is the rarest hair color in the world. A gene mutation called MC1R which affects about 1% of the world population is responsible for red hair and can also affect their tolerance to sunlight, pain and turn their hair blond or pure white when they age.  And that’s not all, the redhead 1% even have their very own calendar of annual events…

Dowling’s redhead project extended over three summers. He wanted to show the real beauty of red hair and use his photographs to help break down stereotypes people often have of redheads.

His art book “Redhead Beauty” is available on Kickstarter.

More info: Instagram

Kim From Hamburg, Germany
Sophie From Stirling, England
Ruby From Essex, England
Natasha’s Freckles From London, Uk
Masha Under The Trees In St Petersburg, Russia
Maria From Moscow, Russia
Madeline From Washington State, Usa
Krissy From Stuttgart, Germany
Carmen From Best, Netherlands
Elias In Belfast, Northern Ireland
Kirstie In The Scottish Highlands Of Glencoe
Alisha From Odessa, Ukraine In The Black Sea
Alina From Kiev, Ukraine
Ellie From London, England
Gracie From Howth, Ireland
Daria From St. Petersberg, Russia
Beata Overlooking Downtown Warsaw
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