Old Artist Paints The Walls Of A City In An Attempt To Relive Her Hobby At 92

old artist

Flowers, art, and everything nice – if this had been the architectural plans for the buildings and entire structures of our cityscapes, life would have been so much simpler, wouldn’t it? It might be said that our life has become more and more complicated because we shifted our minds from nature and art to the dullness of business and utility. Our dull cities resemble our lacking lives. We have lost the magnificence of art. However, our previous generation knew what it was like to match business with the extreme beauty of art. Our previous generation knew that you can balance the two and still live. Actually, you can only live happily if you balance the two. Or else, your life will be empty.

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The wisdom of our previous generation is now being introduced back to us by a 92-year-old resident living in Louka in Czechoslovakia. This old artist was not really an artist at first. This old artist, named Anežka (Agnes) Kašpárková was actually an agricultural worker. However, she had a hobby – a hobby of being a wall decorator. She picked up this hobby from another woman from the same locality and she loved it. And somehow, this old artist wanted to use this hobby to change her locality.

She used a small brush and vibrant blue paint to design intricate floral murals that were inspired by southern Czech artwork or Moravian work. Her work is so beautiful and intricate that she became quite famous in her locality. On top of that, this old artist also got some viral fame on the internet. According to the Czech media, she has mentioned that she was an artist and enjoys wall painting.

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old artist old artist old artist
old artist old artist old artist
old artist old artist old artist old artist

Well, this woman surely shows us that age is just a number. So, in the end, this old artist is showing the world that it doesn’t take much to take up your hobby. And whenever you take it up, you can change the world with it.

Source: MyModernMet/Obec Louka

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