Mom Writes A Powerful Post About Her Son: “I Told Him To Stop! He Pushed Him Again. So, I Punched Him, Hard”


Being a parent is trying at times, especially when your children start going to school and making friends, you want your kids to get along with their peers and to love one another.

Katie Bryant, 31, is a mother from North Carolina. She believes that there is absolutely no reason for children to fight with one another, even going as far as to say it’s a form of bullying.

Recently, Katie posted on Love What Matters and her post went viral

Parents want their kids to get along, to love each other. After all, there are plenty of things in the world that will try to knock them down, there’s no need for them to fight with each other. However, as with most rules in life, there might be exceptions. Katie Bryant, 31, of North Carolina, believes it’s bullying.

In a viral and sincere post on Love What Matters, Katie explains how she teaches her kids to stand up for those going through bullying at school, and also to stand up for themselves.

Here’s the story Katie shared about her son when he confronted a bully.

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