Meet Wiley, The Most Adorable Dalmatian Dog With A Heart On His Nose


Sometimes, all you need is something utterly adorable to brighten your day…this is Wiley, the cutest Dalmatian puppy we’ve ever come across, and he’s bound to make you smile!

Wiley is owned by the Smith family and lives in Colorado. Lexi Smith, his “human” mom, says that in real life, Wiley is even more beautiful, and fills their home with so much happy love, silly antics and loads of cuddles.

Wiley was one of eleven puppies, and went to his new home with Lexi on Saint Patricks day in 2018. He’s now a year old and has over 150k followers on Instagram, be sure to check it out after looking at these adorable pictures of the dog with a heart on his nose!

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