Meet This Doting Husband Who Used Billboards To Announce His Love For His Wife

doting husband

Tulsa, Oklahoma is home to the Wilsons. Throughout September, the residents of Tulsa were seeing billboards around throughout the region with the message: “Amy, I love you more!” Surely everyone wondered who this person was and what blunder had they committed that they needed to announce their love on so many billboards. Was it just another case of being doghoused?

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The observers mostly came to the conclusion that the message was from a husband who had caused some trouble and was now seeking his wife’s forgiveness. But would you believe there was no such reason for these advertisements! It was pure love (and a way of making the most of his money) that prompted this doting husband to put up the advertisements.

Josh Wilson got married two years back. This 41-year-old businessman had paid for a year for 8 billboards in Tulsa in January 2019. They were meant for the advertising space for his company, Living Water Irrigation. But when he reviewed the data, he understood that the billboards were not getting him any extra customers. So, what could he do with these billboards he had already paid for?

The doting husband inside him whispered into his ears. Wilson decided to make use of these 8 billboards throughout the city to express his love for his wife Amy!

When FOX23 contacted him, he jokingly announced that he was neither henpecked nor doghoused. This expression of love was genuine and there was no ulterior motive behind it.

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The wife, unaware of all the happenings, was slow to catch on the whole thing. It took her a couple of weeks to understand that indeed all those announcements of love were meant for her only! By the time she realized it, she was overwhelmed by this gesture. Who wouldn’t want their husband to announce their love on billboards throughout the city!

This inspiring couple is planning on replacing the loving message with the pictures of their lovely dogs. Just as lovely, isn’t it?

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