5 Tips on How to Distance Yourself from Negativity and Make Space for Positive Things in Your Life!


Dealing with negativity may wreak havoc on your life if you aren’t careful. Perhaps you’re surrounded by people who always complain about everything – health, friends, family, work, or anything else they could think of; and they’re cynical about others, usually doubting their intentions or even judging them harshly.

Whether you are dealing with an overly critical boss that always thinks that your work isn’t good enough or you are living with a constant complainer, it isn’t good for both your emotional and physical well-being.

But, negativity does not have to surround you in your life. You can get what you want by walking away from what you do not. You should try your best to create more positivity in your life by getting rid of the negativity. It is a difficult task, but here’re some of the best tips on how to do so.

Also, you must understand that the more space you make for positive things, the more beautiful things will find their way to you.

Once you distance yourself from the negative situations or people, positive things will fill in the space where the negativity used to be and your life will change for the better. Your thoughts will also become more positive. You will also feel much better physically. You will also begin to attract more positive people.

5 Tips on How to Distance Yourself from Negativity and Make Space for Positive Things in Your Life:

– Set clear boundaries

Negative people that wallow in their problems and do not focus on solutions are difficult to deal with. You probably feel pressured to listen to them just because you do not want to come off rude or mean. However, there is a fine line between getting sucked into their emotional drama and lending a compassionate ear.

So, you should identify how people make you feel. In case you realize somebody is a negative influence, do not hang out with them or, if it isn’t an option, try to limit the amount of interactions. Distance yourself. Set boundaries and make them clear to all those negative people. This is difficult (even if you are good at it). However, it is one of the most effective ways to get rid of negativity.

– Respond mindfully

You may react when you are disconnected from your logical mind. If you feel flustered or angry after dealing with someone who is negative, it indicates that you have reacted instead of responded mindfully. But, if you choose to respond mindfully, it’ll make you feel like you handled things with poise and integrity.

So, when you encounter somebody with a negative attitude, do not throw insults back at them. Instead, keep your dignity and avoid lowering yourself to their level.

– Do not take what they do or say personally

You should stop taking what they do or say personally in order to cut down on negativity. Their actions, words, and attitude have more to do with them than they do with you, and understanding it will make it easier for you to stop taking anything personally. You should maintain an emotional distance.

When you find yourself with a negative person that’s engaged in negative thinking, simply smile and nod.

– Do not try to change their negative tendencies

You cannot change the negative tendencies of others. So, avoid being taken in by the emotional blackmailers, manipulators, and energy vampires by desperately attempting to control what you cannot control – their behavior.

In case there is a specific behavior somebody you love has that you are hoping changes over time, chances are it will not. In case you truly want them to change for some substantial reason, you should be honest with them so they know how you feel and why.

However, for the most part, you should not even try to change people. You should either distance yourself from them or accept who they are.

– Love yourself

If you prioritize self-love, you will notice many positive changes in your life. Self-love is about taking care of, caring for and respecting yourself. Once you begin to prioritize self-love, you will be able to make the best choices with ease.

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