Loving Dad Starts Documenting Unique Habits Of His Autistic Son, And It Changes Their Lives


Have you ever imagined how you would deal with and handle being a parent to a child with autism? For me, it sounds scary and challenging, but after hearing about stories like this one, I also think it could be incredibly rewarding.

Timothy Archibald, a photographer in San Francisco, has found a way to help creatively deal with his 5-year-old sons’ diagnosis. He wanted nothing more than to raise his son as best he could, but was still frustrated because Elijah was different. He decided a way to channel those frustrations would be to photograph his son and the way he interacted with every day objects and how he dealt with the world. He did not realize at the time how much closer this project would bring him to his son, and how much it would allow him to understand him better.

He named the portrait project Echolilia. Timothy says he never wanted his son to think he was normal, he wanted him to be aware of his differences and see it as an asset. Each image brings to life Elijah’s quirks and it’s allowed his father to learn to let go of control.

You can purchase Echolilia the book directly from Archibald’s website.

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