Let’s Get Disney-Crazy By Taking These Virtual Tours Across Disneyland With These Wonderful YouTube Videos


Disneyland is closed for now. Yes, it’s a really hard pill to swallow. But no need to be terribly depressed about the temporary closing of Disneyland. While you may not get a chance to be there in person, you can always go for a virtual tour. The best thing about Disney fans is that they record everything and share it online so that others can live the experience. You can easily head over to YouTube and go for a long virtual tour down Disneyland while sitting in your home. Plus, if you are lucky, you can get to see certain dissolved parts of Disneyland like the Adventure’s Tower of Terror that became the Guardians of the Galaxy ride.


1. Disneyland

What better channel than the original one. In fact, it can be said to be one of the best. The video is a walkthrough published back in 2013 and shows the intimate areas of Disneyland. You can spot the attention-to-detail that the designers have gone for in this case. Plus, there is no crowd and so, you can enjoy it without the shrieks and shouts.

2. Disney California Adventure

This video is from 2016 and was shot on a winter morning in Southern California. So, you get a unique view in the long shadows and the low sun. You can see A Bug’s Land and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in this walkthrough. You can hear the humdrum at the back, making you feel like you are in the park itself, and the camera is kept quite steady too.

3. The Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom Holiday 2016 Walkthrough is a more than 30 minutes walk down the popular theme park. It’s shot in the morning of the holiday season and it is quite an enjoyable time to watch many Mouse-ears walking down the path.


EPCOT is almost similar to two theme parks – World Showcase and Future World – placed as one. And no other area has gone through so many changes as EPCOT. This video is from 2013, and EPCOT here has really taken a different tone at night. You can see how Disneyland magically transforms when the moon comes up at night.

5. Disney Hollywood Studios

Disney is quite intimately associated with Hollywood, and it’s no wonder that they have a Hollywood Studios section. This video was shot when the Galaxy’s Edge opened and just before the reopening of the Chinese Theater, which had the Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. The video has a distinct flavor to it – a Disney flavor.

6. Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This video may not show the famous Oasis entry, but it is a leisure walk down the carefully built nature park of Disney. The walk is quite relaxing and you can witness the ever-changing foliage in amazing detail.

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And if you really want to dive deep into Disneyland, you can also search for the music tracks played around the Disney theme parks. It’s going to transform the world around you. If you want to feel like you are inside EPCOT, you can listen to this hour-long music piece.

Or you can just transform your bedroom into a Disney resort hotel by playing this music piece!

So, during this isolation period, become Disney-crazy!

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