Let The 7 Chakras Of Consciousness Bring Light To Your Soul

7 Chakras of Consciousnenss

The Chakras mean “circle” or “wheel” and they epitomize movement between dimensions. These are junctions and are in the form of triangles. We as humans possess strong energies. Awakening these 7 Chakras of consciousness and making your body open to these energies requires certain techniques of yoga and meditation. They can lead to a higher level of spirituality and set you on the path of enlightenment. The energy moves along the energy wheels. They are aligned to the spine. Each Chakra epitomizes certain aspects of our life- the psychological, physical, and spiritual. Here are the 7 Chakras of Consciousness.

Muladhara Chakra: The Foundation

The Muladhara Chakra is at the lower spine and includes the last 3 vertebrae, the colon, and the bladder. It is the foundation or the Root of our physical structure and its energy. It is associated with indoctrination, balance and cohesion, and endurance and durability. The foundation is vital and it has to be stabilized always to experience health, well being, and a sense of thoroughness and steadiness.

Swadisthana Chakra: Sensation And Flow

Located between the reproductive organs and the navel, it focuses on pleasure and regeneration, an experience outside the body. It connects with and enhances our sensual perceptions like energy, pleasure, and empathy.

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Manipura Chakra: Fire And Power

Also known as the Solar-Plexus or Manipuraka Chakra, it is near the navel. It maintains the life which the first two chakras generate. We evoke our powers of joy, self-esteem, motivation, and will.

Anahita Chakra: The Awakening

This Heart Chakra is between the chest, just below the ribcage. It is the core of the universe and you have to be equipped to go there. This is the nature of life and where spiritual growth, love devotion, and unconditional affection reside. This Chakra controls and drives our spiritual energy, bridging the 3 Chakras that are the lower energies or ‘chakras of matter,’ and the high energies or the ‘chakras of spirit’ that are situated above the Anahita. Thus it serves to connect our body, spirit, mind, and emotions and serves as a middle point in the 7 Chakras of Consciousness.

Vishuddha Chakra: Communicating And Vibration

Situated at the pit of the throat, this Throat Chakra is the fifth in the evolution of man and can be activated and energized by various means. The sound “OM” is powerful and awakens through the process of chanting and other harmonious processes. This Chakra embraces and embodies the jaw, mouth, thyroid, neck, and tongue and is associated with instinct, all forms of communication, self-expression, and integration.

Ajna Chakra: The Inner Eye

The Ajna or Third-Eye Chakra is between your eyebrows and is the fountain of knowledge and the highest possible level of perception. This chakra is associated with intuition, light, knowledge, awareness, and wisdom. This Chakra is directly linked to spiritual reawakening.

Sahasrara Chakra: Silence

This Chakra is where the ecstatic state abounds representing the topmost level of consciousness and enlightenment. This links the self, the higher self, and finally the divine. Your experience of life rises beyond the physical.

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Embrace These Techniques Of Meditation To Coordinate And Regulate the 7 Chakras of Consciousness

1. Go to a quiet place. Keep your spine straight as you sit. Breathe deeply but gently with your eyes closed.

2. Imagine an orb of energy near your feet and will it to grow to a larger ball.

3. Envision the movement of this ball towards the Root Chakra, experiencing it as it slowly crawls up glowing red and warming the body as it moves.

4. The movement of energy continues upward to the Sacral Chakra. The color changes to orange and continues to energize.

5. Continue the journey to the solar-plexus, continuing the warming process. The ball is now yellow.

6. The ball continues to the Heart Chakra, turning green. Breathe deeply.

7. The ball moves to the Throat Chakra and turns blue. Let it warm the throat and breathe.

8. Feel your face warm-up even as this energy warms your lips, nose, and eyes. It turns indigo and reaches the Third-Eye Chakra, and gains energy.

9. Once the Third Eye Chakra aligns with others, feel the energy travel to the Crown Chakra. Now feel your whole body warm-up.

10. Once this alignment process is complete with the Crown Chakra, let go of the energy into the Universe. Now focus as you breathe. Be thankful for this self-love. Gradually come back to the physical world.

Deep inside you will experience the healing powers of the 7 Chakras of consciousness.


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