LEGO Aids The Zen Life Of Adults By Introducing Their New LEGO For Adults


There is no denying that in the current world, we are stressed out. The internet does not seem to have made our lives easier. Now, we can work from our homes and that has made life even more difficult. We do not really have the work-life – personal life balance anymore. And whenever we think of the stress we are facing right now, our mind travels back to the past. To the times of glorious childhood. And a part of childhood is LEGO. Do you ever imagine how it would be like to have LEGO for adults?

Well, you might be in luck. LEGO has faced competition in the modern technological world with more and more children moving away from LEGO to computer games and tablets. But presently, the company from Denmark is trying to target adults. LEGO for adults is coming out with instruction manuals designed for adults so that they can get their minds off the stress of work. They have come with sets like the Volkswagen T1 Camper Van, Ghostbusters Headquarters, and a vintage Batmobile – all of it directed to the nostalgia of the adults. Especially, Generation X. 

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LEGO for Adults

Image: Michael Coghlan

And there are much more complicated structures as well. LEGO for adults has architecture sets like the Disney Castle, the Guggenheim, the Buckingham Palace, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and the Eiffel Tower. So adult fans of LEGO can use the LEGO for adults to get into the LEGO games and almost have a zen-like time journey back to their childhood. Not to mention, it will be a great stress-reliever too.

According to a math teacher of Olympic College present near Seattle: “It’s fun to zone out and follow someone else’s instructions. It wasn’t until I got older — and had a job and more money — that I saw value in that”.

Isn’t that true? We forget how much we value things until it has gone past us.

Image: alliecat1881

The new marketing strategy that LEGO has taken up is quite efficient too. America as a whole is getting into the zen way of life – mindfulness and meditation are becoming part of the American lifestyle. It is quite necessary to have something that can redirect our minds and help us concentrate on something concrete. Like building something using LEGOs. Hence, LEGO for adults is based on complex philosophies of Buddhism and Zen.

LEGO has hired Abbie Headon – an English author, to write how adults are worried about their well-being and were able to gain a new perspective and calm themselves after engaging with LEGO for adults. Headon wrote a book, Build Yourself Happy: The Joy of Lego Play. It was released in the USA this December.

She mentions how zen-like it can be for adults to approach these children’s toys. By building things up, you can let the memories of childhood fill your mind. Plus, you concentrate on something and it will help you destress from the stress of your daily routine.

Headon loves to have something to fiddle with while she is thinking. And LEGO for adults can be a nice alternative.

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