Instead Of Looking For Others To Love You, Learn To Love Yourself First

self love

We are constantly advised that our life is incomplete until somebody comes into it to make it perfect again. Just the arrival of this special someone is supposed to be adequate to make our life complete, and happiness and resolution will become a part. But never for a moment doubt your true worth. Be daring enough to love yourself. It will be your most honest, complete, powerful, and satisfying relationship.

We can be whole just by ourselves. We don’t need somebody coming into our lives to make our incomplete self, complete. Look inside and discover the complete you.

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You, Not Them

It is naive to expect strangers to put the lost smile back on your face again. Your loneliness cannot be cured by falling into the arms of someone who barely knows you. The sweet nothings that someone might whisper are just that, only words. Do not seek comfort and solace from them.

All the love that you will ever need for yourself is there somewhere deep inside you, and some more. All that you have to do is peel away the layers surrounding your heart to get to the core inside. Celebrate what you are deep inside and make it a habit of loving yourself.

Love makes you complete and if that is how you wish to remain, learn to love yourself. Be kind to yourself and take proper care of your soul and nourish your body and help it blossom. Learn to laugh without restraint and fill your heart with warmth.

You are who you are. Let your friends love you just for that. If you feel that something is wanting in your life, learn to change it instead of waiting for someone else. Be better by yourself.

Love Yourself

We live in a culture that constantly advises us that our life is inadequate- not smart or sexy or intelligent enough. But be assured that you and your life is complete in itself. Every waking hour proves that you are complete as a person.

The love that resides deep inside you is always encouraging. You are perfect even in your imperfections. Don’t believe that you can ever be defeated. Respect your self-esteem.

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Don’t believe the world when it tells you that you are but one half of the hemisphere; that you need another half to succeed. You are complete in yourself and no amount of outside interference can change that. Believe in your own worth and power.

If you desire love in your life, let the subject be you. There is no one greater than you to give you the love that you so much deserve. The only love that can make a difference in your life is self-love. You do not need any confirmation for that. Be the master of your feelings.

Life is all about how you love yourself and only then can you share it with someone who genuinely appreciates you.

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