Here’s A Guide To Ward Off Negative Energy If You Have Been Cursed

ward off negative energy

Do you feel like you’ve been cursed but can’t figure out if that is mumbo-jumbo or really possible? To ward off negative energy, it is important to first understand how they work.

Putting a curse on someone is to essentially send bad vibes their way. When you are envious, angry, jealous or generally thinking badly of someone, you will consciously or unconsciously send out bad energy. This negative energy will not just affect the person you are thinking about–it will also affect you. Your bad vibes lower the consciousness of the planet at large, hence cursing someone has consequences.

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That is why it is necessary to think as positively as you can, about yourself and about other people. The energy you send to the world will always come back to you magnified by three times.

What about if you feel like you have been cursed? What should you do to ward off negative energy? Simply put, just because someone has cursed you with bad vibes, it does not mean it has to affect you.

The reality is many of us are constantly battling away bad energy throughout the day. Think about the driver who cursed at you in the middle of the road, your boss tearing you a new one, your best friend’s bad mood. The only time negative energies can get to you is if you are already in a lower state of consciousness.

ward off negative energy

When you vibrate on a lower frequency, negative vibes find it easier to take root in your consciousness. This brings down your general mood and makes it more difficult for you to seek the positive.

So what can you do to cleanse the curse in your life? Here are the steps to follow to ward off negative energy. First, shut your eyes. Visualize yourself surrounded by a white light, which covers your body, both energetic and physical. When that image of yourself is strong, move onto this next step. Think of the negative energy being sent towards you like wisps of dark smoke right in front of you. As this black cloud forms, you can see that it cannot penetrate the wonderful white light you are surrounded by. Instead, reach out and embrace this black cloud of negative energy.

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With your white light, the cloud will cleanse and turn into white light. Hold onto the diffusing cloud and chant to yourself ten times, “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Slowly step back from the energy, seeing just yourself surrounded by the pure white light. Tell yourself, “I am safe and I am always protected. Divine energy is always around me.”

Remember, no one can hurt you without your permission. Do not be afraid. And with this simple visualization exercise, you can ward off negative energy at the drop of a hat and keep your vibrations high.

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