Have You Seen These Heart-Warming Pictures Of A Japanese Grandma And Her Shiba Inu?


What do you get when you add a warm and loving Japanese grandma and her darling dog, a Shiba Inu… and her photographer grandson… and the beautiful “land of the rising sun” backdrops?

Yasuto, a Japanese photographer, managed to capture the “love” and bond of his grandmother with her pet in outstandingly beautiful Japanese landscapes across seasons. And we cannot get enough of them.


The photographs are taken with the rich essence of Nippon- vibrant colors from the trees, soothing atmosphere and calming architecture.

Yasuto expressed regrets about not being able to capture his grandfather before his death. But he made sure to capture as many pictures of his grandmother as he could.

These pictures do not just tell the story of the Grandma and her Shiba Inu, they tell the story of life in Japan. Where there is beauty and the toil to bring out that beauty. It is the land that truly embodies the spirit behind “Work is Worship”.

But it is quite alright if you were too focused on the cutie Shiba Inu and are wondering what I am talking about (between you and me, you are not the only one).


Shiba Inu, according to Shiba Shake, is a special variety of dogs that behave like cats. They are independent and clean, cute and dependable, graceful and energetic. They are like three-year-olds on a sugar rush. These dogs are bright and incredibly good at learning commands. But they are also stubborn, manipulative and prone to fits of drama- all with their own unique charm!

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grandmaA dog is like a best friend and what could be better than spending your grey years with a companion whose love and loyalty are unquestionable. The happiness of this grandma is apparent. And we hope that everyone lives a wholesome life to their sunset years just like she did- with the company of her loved ones and her Shiba Inu.


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