Grateful Son Is Providing His Adoptive Parents With Everything They Ever Dreamed Of


Jayvee Lazaro Badile II was only 3 years old when Tatay and Nanay adopted him. The Filipino couple didn’t have much but they tried to provide him with all they could. Now that Jayvee has become successful, he wants to provide his adoptive parents with everything that they couldn’t enjoy earlier in their life.

Jayvee recently bought a house for his adoptive parents, one they had always dreamt of.

son thanks his adoptive parents

He shared one Facebook post which has a collage of pictures with Tatay and Nanay and it went viral! He wrote- “Nanay is a vendor, Tatay is a porter. Now that I have the chance to give back to them, I will make sure they will live their dreams better than what they could ever imagine.”

son thanks his adoptive parents2

He said, “I was 3 months old when Nanay and Tatay adopted me”. “Life was very difficult. I had to be working as a student, and we were happy if Na got to make 2 meals a day. On top of that, we lived in a 20-square-meters (215 square foot) apartment.”

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The couple didn’t have ample finances when they adopted him, but they gave him all that he needed to become successful.

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Jayvee has always been grateful to his adoptive parents for the sacrifices they made for him. Now that he has resources, he has decided to provide the old couple with the best of this world.

son is repaying his adoptive parents son is repaying his adoptive parents 8 son is repaying his adoptive parents 9

new mansion

The house he recently got built for his parents is very luxurious. It has seven bedrooms and every other facility one can ever need.

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He said, “I paid for the house in cash and it was built in a year. It has 7 bedrooms, and we didn’t bring anything from the old place except the TV I bought for my family as a Christmas gift earlier.”

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That’s not all. Jayvee takes his adoptive parents to foreign trips as well. He tries to spend the maximum possible time with them.

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The couple who sacrificed their already limited resources to raise a kid into a successful man deserves no less. Jayvee knows this and is trying to repay this huge debt to his adoptive parents by doing whatever little he can.

Images: Jayvee Lazaro Badile II

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