Why You Shouldn’t Panic When Feeling Rejected By Everyone

Why You Shouldn't Panic When Feeling Rejected By Everyone

Rejection is a very strange thing;

We all experience it at one point or another… and if you’re somehow able to live your entire life without experiencing that notorious feeling of rejection, have you really lived?

You see, a lot of people take rejection the wrong way, and I don’t blame them.
In the moment, when it’s happening right in front of you, you don’t really care why it might be the best thing for you. All you want, is the exact thing you’re being denied from having.


Why You Shouldn’t Panic if You’re Feeling Rejected by Everyone

I’ve received my fair share of rejection. I wouldn’t go as far as to compare it with the experience of others, but the feeling exists, and has taken its toll on my mental well-being in the past.

As soon as you hit that point where rejection is real, you can’t focus on anything else. You’re thinking what you could have done differently, what’s wrong with you, and why this has happened to you.

Eventually, the feeling grows, snowballs in your mind, and begins to take a huge toll on your mental strength, well-being, confidence, among many other things.

However, today I’m here to enlighten you on the many benefits of rejection, which might just change your outlook on things. Not to mention prevent you from experiencing serious issues in the future because of frequently being rejected by people.


1. Rejection Can Lead to Unexpected Dreams, Passions, Pursuits, Accomplishments & Happiness

More often than not, actually, not getting what we want can be a blessing in disguise. When you have that tunnel vision, and want something so badly, you start to forget just how much opportunity is around you.

I’m going to give you an example:

When you get caught up on your application to start a career at a specific company, all search for other opportunity is forgotten. You are focused solely on being accepted into this company, and beginning your new journey up the ladder.

Now, if you get rejected from said company, you’re likely to become very depressed, angry and upset at first. But, it’ll inevitably lead to you searching for new opportunities, and you may just find a company much better, and more suited to your passions, than the old one.

You get the idea, right?

Being rejected from anything in life always has the potential to be the best thing that ever happened to you.


2. Rejection Motivates Us to Improvement

If you’re like me, then every time you fail, your motivated to try harder. In fact, when this happens I normally achieve more in the next 3 months than I did the entire year before.

One of the many upsides of feeling rejected is that it motivates you to improve yourself, and better yourself. It’s most likely where the biggest improvement in your life will come from.

Just take a look at Jack Ma for example. He is the founder of Alibaba, and one of the richest people in the world.

But once upon a time, Ma couldn’t even get a job. When KFC was first introduced in China, 24 people applied for manager’s positions, and 24 were accepted. Ma was the only person who was not. He was rejected 10 times from Harvard, and it motivated him to improve.

He focused on improving his English, and eventually started learning about the internet and website creation in the mid 1990’s.

Rejection can motivate you to make serious improvements in your life.


3. Rejection Teaches Us Patience

You may not like this one, depending on how much rejection you’ve suffered from in the past. However, rejection does have the ability to teach us patience. Think about it; the first time you approach a girl or go for a job interview, you’re just itching to be accepted.

With each rejection, comes a little bit more patience. And patience can only improve your success in the future. Maybe the problem in the first place was that you came across as too impatient.

Impatience affected the way in which you acted and came across to people, which most definitely could have turned them off.


4. Rejection Causes Re-Evaluation

Some people think very confidently about themselves. Others do not. Which group of people you put yourself into will affect the relevance of this point to your own life.

Let’s say you’re a little too confident. Full of yourself. Being rejected will help you to realize the way in which you might be coming across to others. After all, if it happens on a regular basis, then you’re bound to start re-evaluating yourself as an individual.

Never the less, feeling rejected will bring you into a state of re-evaluation, and the only way is up from that point.


5. Rejection Opens us up to New Perspectives

Can you easily tap into the inside of other’s minds?

Face enough rejection, and you might be able to think the way they’re thinking. It is only by falling hard and often, that we can finally understand why we continue to do so.

It makes sense, considering practice is how we master any particular skill.

The same concept can be applied to figuring out why you continue to experience rejection in your life. Think about this remark the next time you find yourself facing rejection.


6. Rejection is a Constant Reminder of the Fact We’re Human

Let me finish with this final point:

Rejection reminds us that we are human beings. None of us are perfect. We make mistakes, we are free thinkers, and we all have our own opinions.

Just because someone does not think you’re right for them or their company, doesn’t mean that “NOBODY” thinks you’re the right fit. Everybody has a different opinion, and is in search of different qualities. We are all unique. Soon enough you will find the place in which you belong.



Here’s a quick recap on why feeling rejected by everyone can be a blessing in disguise:

  1. It can lead to unexpected dreams, passions, and accomplishments
  2. It’ll motivate you to improvement
  3. It can teach you patience
  4. It causes re-evaluation
  5. It’ll open you up to new perspectives
  6. It’s a constant reminder of the fact we’re human

Are you feeling rejected by everyone? Leave a comment below.

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