Dr. Kwane Treats Pets Of Homeless People In California For Free

Dr. Kwane

A lot of people have to deal with really difficult situations in life that include not getting two square meals a day or even not having a place to stay. Often we forget to count our privileges and extend a helping hand, we are too caught up in our own worries. In the US alone, over half a million people do not have a place to live in and suffer from extreme poverty. In times such as these, people like Dr. Kwane become heroes who heal the world. This 49-year-old vet has dedicated his life to treating the pets of homeless people in California since 2011. 

What made him take this unusual path in life? Back in 2007, the US saw one of the worst recessions ever. Thousands of people lost their jobs and had to take to the streets. Many had to bid goodbye to their loving pets and leave them at the veterinary clinic. Dr. Kwane took an oath to help the distressed by providing food and medicine to the pets of homeless people for free. He realized it was his calling when he treated 15 animals in one day.

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Dr. Kwane treats pets of homeless people

To date, he has helped more than 400 furry friends and wanders through alleys to find more pets of homeless people. According to him a lot of people who live on the streets own a pet, around 25% of the entire population. Dr. Kwane decided to set up a small table at a soup kitchen to help the homeless animals. He would treat them with vaccines if they needed any. Gradually, he realized some pets had more serious ailments and not simple ear infections or flea. Those small problems he could treat on his own as it didn’t require a hefty sum of money. However, some homeless animals had tumors that could only be removed through surgery by an expert, which would be an expensive process. 

This made Dr. Kwane create a GoFundMe in September and he was swept away by the response. The campaign raised $29,000 which was sufficient to treat a lot of homeless animals who needed treatment. The street vet became the GoFundMe Hero of the month of February. The generosity of strangers made Dr. Kwane want to do something more for the homeless. He wants to make a group of vets who would be willing to help the street animals. That way says he would not have to say no to anyone in need.

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What inspires him to work every single day? The precious reaction of people when they are reunited with their pets after serious surgery. He shares his journey on a show called the Street Vet and motivates others to extend a helping hand to those in need.

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