Canadian Man Is Making Snow Castles In His Backyard For His Pet Dogs


Running regularly is a good way to stay fit. But imagine you are going out at negative 40-degree weather just to stay fit. The very idea sounds atrocious, doesn’t it! Then how can we expect our pets to do the same when they can easily snooze or laze around within the doors all day. But maybe snow castles will entice them?

It was exactly this issue that was troubling Brian Keith Einarson. The owner of 3 puppies stays at Winnipeg, Canada where they face extreme winter extending to 5 months every year. It was no less than a struggle for him to take his older dogs out to get some healthy exercise or defecate. But he insisted that his dogs maintain their health and hygiene even through those rough days. So, Einarson came up with the brilliant idea of bribing them to run out and brave the cold weather. All he needed was to turn his yard into a wonderland with snow castles for the dogs to run out and play.

Einarson told the interviewer, “I’m a truck driver and I would get home at night when it’s dark out, and it’s hard to find the poop. So, I just made paths so I could find it”. He added, “Otherwise, it’s springtime, you would have a pretty big mess out there, and it’s not very appealing”. He started by building tunnels. Initially, the idea was just to easily clean up after the pets.

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Soon, to add to the fun, Einarson packed tunnels with snow and navigating these tunnels turned into a game for the dogs. But he did not stop there. Einarson gradually gathered some school kids and assigned them the job to make snow castles. They piled up the snow and kept it like that for over a week. He said “Then you can start digging holes in the piles and what you dig out you put on top. Each hole took about ten minutes to make, so with three of them it took 20 hours to do it after school.”

snow castles

Now the yard was converted into a wonderland with all these snow castle and tunnels. But still why go out at minus 40 degrees Celsius? So, Einarson came up with some healthy yummy treats. “They watch from the window as I put treats all over the place,” Einarson said. “As soon as they see me come and open the door it’s a mad dash for each dog to get as many treats as they can. They run by and grab them and keep running.”

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Once they are tired and cold, the pups know it’s time to leave their snow castles and return to their dad to get welcomed inside the warm and cozy room again.

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